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Interview series: Dr. Rick Adams about The Great Brain Experiment

In light of the Brain Awareness Week – a global campaign to increase public awareness of brain research – earlier this year in March, scientists from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging launched a free mobile app as part of Wonder: Art and science on the brain. The game, called The Great Brain Experiment, enables … Continue reading

INTERVIEW SERIES: Civic engagement powered by citizen science

Search for ‘citizen science’ and you will find multiple news articles, blog posts, and project initiatives that are centered on using this approach. Asking citizens to help with scientific projects –which is what citizen science can be defined as according to Scientific American (they also provide a very nice and up to date comprehensive listing of … Continue reading

Welcoming guest blogger Tainah Bernardino

Over Summer Tainah Bernardino, a 3rd year IBCoM student, did her research internship with me. Next to analyzing my online presence and making some good suggestions to update my blog, she has mainly been helping me with a literature review on Empowerment. Says Tainah: “Doing a research internship over the summer 2013 with Ms. Joyce Neys brought me extremely … Continue reading

Looking back at Learning by Doing: New Media & Civic Engagement

Between April 2013 and June 2013 students of the Research Workshop: Learning by Doing: New Media and Civic Engagement at Erasmus University Rotterdam, were involved in researching on a topic of choice linked to civic engagement. Students were asked to create a new media text illustrating the research they conducted. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience … Continue reading

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